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Premier Productions has helped spearhead the establishment of multiple brands influential in the sports industry; we apply these key experiences in taking your company to the top and craft your vision to strengthen and establish your image. Premier enables your company to reach new heights and gain more ground in reaching your goals.

  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Brand Development
  • Product Image
  • Social Media & Web Development

Premier Productions recognises the vision of your event and helps transform your event into a global success. With our unique skill sets and key experiences in creating numerous events around the world, our award winning team assists in producing a platform that puts your event in the spotlight.

  • Event Marketing & Social Media Management
  • Website Development
  • Branding, Promoting, & Designing
  • Event Photography & Videography

Premier Productions caters for athletes of numerous sporting backgrounds, varying ages, and individual talents. We assist in creating & sustaining a profitable public image that will enhance your exposure in your area of influence. 

  • Action & Lifestyle Photography & Videography 
  • Image Development
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Sponsor Management
We are a team of multimedia & marketing Fanatics
MEET the Team
mike go pro IMG_0667
Mike Oxley
team- Gen 2
Genevieve Leigh
Multi-Media Producer
Team Ivan 2
Ivan van Vuuren